The Golf ball is one of the unlockable items in the Office Jerk series. It currently can be bought for 15 coins.

Appearance Edit

The golf ball looks like a typical golf ball. There are no visible labels on it anywhere.

Achievements & Actions Edit

  • Golf ball swallow: If you throw the Golf ball at the right angle when The Jerk is looking at you, the Golf ball will get lodged in his mouth, his face will turn blue, and he'll spit it out along with a tooth.
  • Broken LCD: This is one of several items that is heavy enough to break The Jerk's computer screen.
  • Broken Window: Pretty easy to throw the Golf ball through the window when aimed correctly.
  • Cat picture knockdown: Self explanatory.
  • Coffee cup dunk: The golf ball is small enough to go into The Jerk's coffee cup.
    • Coffee spray: If the above action is done there's a chance The Jerk will drink the coffee and spit it out upon finding out what else was in the cup (besides coffee obviously).
  • Dizzy canaries: If you hit The Jerk in the head with the golf ball this sometimes occurs afterwards.
  • Dizzy spirals/stars: See above.
  • Head Lump: See Dizzy canaries.
  • Poster smash: If thrown at the right angle the golf ball will fly to the Employee of the Month poster and crash into it, cracking the glass and tilting the poster.